Yozgat Kraft was established in 1976 with the contribution and partnership of our workers abroad and started bag production in Sarayköy / YOZGAT in 1978. Our factory is located on the Ankara - Yozgat highway, 200 km away from Ankara, 20 km away from Yozgat, on a 110,000 m2 land, and we have 3 bag production lines and industrial bag manufacturing section where we manufacture bags with different types and specifications with 6 color printing technology machinery in a closed area of 6.150m2.

While our established capacity was 55 million per year, our bag production capacity was increased to 100 million pieces / year in 1992 and to 150 million pieces / year in 1998 with the new investments made. Dealing with manufacturing industrial bags, our factory produces bags from 5 - 50 kg and from single-layer up to 6, according to the demands and requests of the customer and serves the cement, lime, construction chemicals, mining, and chemical and food industry.

Our factory, which holds ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificate and Food Registration Certificate, has produced and sold 3 billion bags to hundreds of domestic and international companies in various sectors with our experienced staff since its establishment.


Since the goods we produce and the investments we make have a great share in adding value to the country's economy, our Company always targets being a leader in the sector in which it operates, our enterprise has always adopted the principle of being one step ahead of its competitors in its sector. It also aims to provide employment in our geography, to have a say in the domestic and international packaging sector, to increase its success rate day by day without compromising from the quality policy of "Yozgat & Istanbul Kraft".


We have been a well-established, reliable and environmentally sensitive and experienced paper bag manufacturer in the paper bag sector, in Yozgat since 1978 and in Istanbul since 1999, with the most modern, robust machines, in a manner respectful to consumer rights, giving importance to the values and quality it produces, and training its employees in a way to respond to technological developments hat closely follows innovative, modern technology, constantly improves itself and provides services in this field.

Quality Policy

*Our quality policy is to maintain and increase our sales and production amount through continuous improvement and development in our products;

*to produce products that meet the demands and expectations of our customers; to provide our employees with planned trainings and to ensure their active participation in quality studies;

* to ensure the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System as management;

* to continue offering innovative solutions to the production of high quality industrial packaging bags with the experienced staff that have accumulation of knowledge.

Environment Policy

"YOZGAT - İSTANBUL KRAFT" undertakes to comply with all legal regulations, administrative, social and other necessary environmental regulations related to its sector. It will take the necessary measures to prevent pollution during the realization of its processes and carry out the necessary activities for the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System. It will organize necessary activities in order to adopt its employees to the Environmental Management System and to make them aware of the environment. The Environmental Management System will be transparent and will be made available to all concerned, if requested.